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2.3.16 Bee-otches of the Day: Iowan Republicans

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Name: Republicans
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Last Seen: Iowa
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One state down, many more to go.

In Monday's caucus in Iowa, the two big winners were Ted Cruz for the Republicans and barely for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton. Republican voters chose Cruz over the wealthy Donald Trump; Cruz had 28% over Trump's 24%.

Granted, it's awesome that a jerkoff like Trump lost Iowa, but the sad thing is that voters in that state chose a teabagger who shouldn't even be running for president. Cruz is a natural-born Canadian, which disqualifies him from running for president. However, he's probably one of those who claim that Obama was Kenyan so therefore, he could run, too. Folks, Obama has proof that he's from Hawaii, so everybody needs to STFU.

(Oh, in case you missed it, Democrat Martin O'Whatshisname and Repuke Mike Huckabee have announced their departures from the presidential race. Nice knowing ya both.)

Now with that no-namer out of the Democratic race, it's Bernie Sanders and Hillary's race now. Although Hillary beat out Bernie by a few precincts, it's proof that a man like Bernie - with no help from big donors - can succeed. The Democratic race is the one to watch, not the Republican clown car. You have Bernie, who is Jewish, anti-1% and has a lot of FDR-style values to him vs. Hillary, who gets a lot of her funding from some of the companies that were bailed out during the 2008 economic collapse. To me, Hillary is nothing more than a flip-flopper on many issues and is too conservative.

Right now, my fear is that Hillary will get the Democratic nod and it will be 2000 all over again. There's many hardcore Dems who hate Hillary and are willing to vote for a third-party candidate if she's the nominee. Remember the travesty in 2000? Personally, I didn't vote for Al Gore because his running mate, Joe Lieberman was a Repuke in Democratic clothes. Bush won the election and we all know the rest of the story. But since the media giants all love Hillary, that's what they want. After all, she voted for Bush's wars, is pro-pipeline and accepted millions from those preventing her from fixing our nation's healthcare.

But ya know, I think we'll all be happy once the dust settles. The Repukes in this country need to know that we suffered long enough with Bush running this country down the tubes in the 2000s. The only people who would vote for any of these punks are those who have low IQs and believe that a billionaire could do well running this country. In the end, you could end up losing your home, your job or even worse.

Only 10 more months!

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