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2.15.16 Bee-otch of the Day: The Republican Party

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Name: The Republican Party
Age: 162
Occupation: right-winged assholes
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: spitting on Obama


Last weekend, I went to the movies.

No, I did not see Deadpool, though it looks totally awesome. Instead, I saw the film that was the pure underdog this weekend: Where to Invade Next.

In the latest effort from Michael Moore, he fictionally was appointed by the military to go around the world to help figure out why the US has lost every single war since WWII. So, he goes to several countries and is beyond shocked that some of them have better laws than we do in America. Italians have long lunch breaks and have more vacation time than we do. The French have better schools and so do the Finnish, where sex ed is mandatory, unlike some states in the US where they have abstinence only education, which leads to more teenage pregnancies and STDs. Uruguay allows everybody to do drugs and Norwegian jails rehabilitate their prisoners while ours torture them.

In the end of the movie, Moore is walking in Germany next to his old friend who climbed on top of the Berlin Wall as it was being demolished. Moore mentioned that we are making progress, slowly but surely. After all, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage last year.

Where to Invade Next will probably be spun by the right since it debuted last weekend at the box office in 18th place with just over a million bucks, making it Moore's lowest-performing film since 1998's The Big One and his first non-top 10 film since 2002's Bowling For Columbine. But since the film received little to no promotion, especially with Moore's sudden bought with pneumonia recently, it did OK. Besides, it did make $3,500 per screen, outgrossing Hail, Caesar! and The Revenant this past weekend
. Not to mention that the company that released the film is relatively new and only pumped out 300 prints. The movie isn't even being shown in the Flint area, Moore's original stomping grounds.

I left Celebration! Cinema North a little smarter, thinking that as long as progress is made, our laws will be on par or better than other countries. Then, I got home, plopped myself dowon the couch and shortly thereafter, my phone was buzzing. WOOD-TV had reported that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had passed away.

The Reagan appointee died in his sleep while staying at a ranch in Texas at age 79. He was one of the most outspoken and conservative of the high court justices, opposing everything from women's rights to gay rights. Scalia's death should have been a time to mourn for everybody in the government sector, but not to Mitch McConnell. A few hours after Scalia's death announcement, he said to the press that President Obama doesn't have the right to choose our next Supreme Court justice and it's the next president's job instead. Not too long afterward during the Republican debate, all of the candidates made the same agreement.
With the Senate being held hostage by the Rethugs, they're threatening to not allow Obama to appoint his choice for new justice. After all, a Democrat
 judge would make it the first left-leaning Supreme Court since the days of Nixon. Of course, we all know what happened to our country since: lower taxes for the wealthy, loss of jobs, union busting and so on. It feels like the only landmark event that changed America for the better in recent years was when gay marriage was passed last year.

This is exactly why I vote Democrat. Wanna be stuck for the rest of your life? Then vote Republican. After all, they'd rather make sure that your paycheck goes towards a Blue Angel vs. free healthcare for all. I wish there were more people like me -- thirty-something and cares more about the world's problems vs. knowing what time Kim Kardashian took a dump. It's people like Michael Moore that make me proud of who I am: somebody who has a voice and is not afraid to use it.

As for the Repukes, it's time for them to realize that Obama's their boss, like it or not. If we have to wait for the next president for a new justice, I hope to god he (or even SHE) is a Democrat to tell them to STFU. If these people want to fuck up the Constitution to make things go their way, they're in a whole heap of trouble.

Change is always good.  

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