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2.2.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Phil Anselmo

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Name: Phil Anselmo
Age: 47
Occupation: former lead singer of Pantera
Last Seen: ??
Bee-otched For: exposing a Vulgar Display of Stupidity


When I was just 12 years old, I was first exposed to the metal gods known as Pantera on an episode of Beavis and Butt-head.

The video was for "Mouth For War" off their Vulgar Display of Power album. While reviewing the video, the two commented that lead singer Phil Anselmo "was the type of dude that scares chicks".

Now, he's pretty much scaring everybody, especially in the world of heavy metal music.

Last week, Anselmo appeared at a benefit concert honoring former bandmate Dimebag Darrell Abbott when at the end of the show, he stood up on stage, holding a Nazi salute and screamed "WHITE POWER!" Of course, one of the fans in attendance was holding a cell phone camera, taping Anselmo's stupidity.

Since the incident, Anselmo has pretty much turned into the Michael Richards of the rock world, apologizing for what he did. In his first apology, he claimed that he was joking at the fact that he was drinking white wine at the show. However, Machine Head vocalist Robb Flynn made this video attacking Anselmo, claiming that there was no white wine at all backstage. In fact, he was drinking Beck's (and Flynn himself makes a Nazi salute) "German" Beer. Further into the video, Flynn claims that Anselmo himself commented that he hated the "nigger era" of Machine Head when Flynn had dreadlocks. However, Flynn exposed a "pot meet kettle" moment when comparing Machine Head's "nigger era" to the fact that once upon a time, Pantera was a hair metal band in the 1980s.

Since then, Anselmo has issued an apology. In the video, he claimed that the "white power" BS stemmed from the tomfoolery that was being playing among bandmates and others at the event. However, this video has also surfaced where Anselmo tells a crowd at a Pantera concert 20 years ago that many rappers don't like whites yet white people are buying their albums. He believed that if blacks are allowed to have their own things - like Black Entertainment Television and so forth - whites should too.

Many in the rock community are infuriated at Anselmo's remarks. Sebastian Bach of Skid Row said on Twitter that "people who scream 'white power' are pussies". Jen Majura, German-born guitarist of Christian rockers Evanescence told Phil Anselmo "FUCK YOU!" Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian , who is Jewish suggested that Anselmo donate to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a network of museums that teach people lessons of the Holocaust.

I have heard rumblings for years that Anselmo was a racist and would scream "white power" at his concerts. The little rant that I posted earlier about why whites aren't allowed to have their own things reminded me of the three types of people Americans are: 1) the ones who are native to this country (the Native Americans), 2) the people who immigrated to this country or have ancestors that moved here to begin a new life (the whites, Asians, Hispanics, etc.) and 3) the people who were sent here against their own will all in the name of slavery (African Americans). Rob Flynn touched on that subject in his video. The reason why there's blacks who hate whites is simply because of what happened to their ancestors hundreds of years ago. I agree that they have a right to their own opinion. However, I feel that the reason why whites hate blacks is simply because they're viewed as lazy and don't want to work. It's like my old stomping grounds of 95% white northern Michigan; many of the people up north move up there to get away from the blacks down here in Grand Rapids, Detroit and elsewhere.

I remember having a conversation with distant relatives who live near Traverse City. I talked about voting for Obama in 2008, and their response was "OH, YOU DON'T WANT THAT! LOOK AT KWAME!" Of course, they were referring to now-imprisoned Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who really effed up that city. Of course, I was proud to have voted for Barack twice. The economy is much better, gas prices are down and people are getting jobs again.

Look. I grew up in mostly white northern Michigan. There were years where I never saw a black person in the flesh. Then, I went to a tech school in west Michigan. My roommates were black. They were assholes. I moved to Grand Rapids. There's blacks who live in my apartment complex. One old black lady left her bathtub running and it flooded my apartment. There's a black family that left their kids out unsupervised and they harassed me for not taking them to the pool. There's blacks in GR who jaywalk and I've almost hit a few of them. But there's white folks here in the Furniture Capitol who are much worse. They take in tax breaks that pay much more than the welfare many black families get here in town. While the city of Flint is struggling to get fresh water, the state's paying the Devoses and Meijers in tax breaks. Same goes with the wealthy oil companies that were reaping in the benefits of $4/gallon gas ten years ago, but now they're bitching that the middle class has a few extra bucks in their pockets instead.

You see, heavy metal fans are VERY loyal. I think most of them aren't racist and don't subscribe to the white power bullshit Phil Anselmo pushes, whether he's drunk on the "white wine" known as Beck's or not. There's a shit ton of hard rock and metal bands that have non-white members like Sevendust, Metallica, and Alice in Chains among others and these bands have a loyal fanbase. When Anselmo made that gesture, the 12-year-old part of me died since I've loved Pantera since I was a teen. True, I'll still listen to their tunes now and then, but I'll never think of Phil the same way ever again. Then again, let's remember that since Pantera broke up and Dimebag was murdered, Vinnie Paul has been on a roll with Hellyeah while Phil's been in a few bands that never had any real commercial success.

That's white power 4 ya.

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