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5.2.16 Bee-otches of the Day: idiot doctors

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It seems that if you have a good doctor, you're in luck.

Since I moved to Grand Rapids many years ago, I've only had one doctor, and he's no longer my doc. A few years ago, I started seeing him because I needed a doctor after years of not seeing one. I was donating plasma at the time and I kept going to Biolife with a high heart rate, probably due to anxiety. Turns out that I had a regular heart rate, but when I was forced to move to the day shift at my job, the stress and anxiety grew.

So, I went and saw him again (actually her since there were two docs there), and she told me to kick out caffeine, which I did. A year later, I came back because I had an unbalance, so guess what he did? He doled me some Celexa, an antidepressant.

I consulted my family, and they told me that docs these days will give anybody anything simply because it's all about the money for them. Turns out that the imbalance was mostly from having a myriad of ear wax, so I had that professionally removed. But for the next year, I couldn't drink because of my doc whacking me out on Celexa. I gained a shitload of weight because of it. One day, I decided to call him up and tell him that I wanted to get off that shit, and he gave me excuses like, "ear wax doesn't lead to imbalance" and whatever. I weaned myself off and guess what? I'M FINE!

Not long after this debacle, this asshole of a doc made headlines when he shuttered his office without further notice or telling anybody. His excuse was water damage, but I always smell something fishy in a situation like this. Now, I have no doctor to call my own, and I have no plans on seeing one anytime soon, even though I haven't had a checkup in two years.

When I heard that Prince had meds in his possession, I had to wonder if he OD'd on purpose, or if his doc gave him the wrong medicine. Hell, look at Michael Jackson and the shit that killed him, too.

Oh, did I tell him that my ex-doc gave me some Xanax, too? I still got 'em. Maybe if I get too depressed, I'll down some with some Jack, lol.

The point is, can doctors be trustworthy anymore? Are they all whores for the drug companies, which seem to be the most-powerful companies out there? Hell, every other ad on TV is for prescription meds. Side effects include seizures, vomiting, nightmares and the poops. But hey! Anything to make our lives better, right?

Watch out, Piggies!


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