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5.10.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Pat McCrory

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Name: Pat McCrory
Age: 60
Occupation: governor
Last Seen: Raleigh, NC
Bee-otched For: being quite possibly the most bigoted governor of America


Since the legalization of gay marriage last year, many politicians have worked feverishly to create other laws to piss off the LGBT crowd.

And yes, the word "piss" has been emphasized.

Some states like Indiana and most of the south have passed so-called "religious freedom" laws that claim to protect those of faith, but they're thinly-designed to anger and offend homosexuals. Now, one state is suing the Obama Administration because they told them to knock it off.

North Carolina recently passed a law that prohibits transsexuals from using the bathroom of their choice. The law states that if somebody was born male, they must use the men's room to go pee-pee. In NC terms, Caitlyn Jenner is still Bruce and she must use the men's room, even though she now wears women's clothes and has made the full transition to female.

But guess what? The Obama Administration is fighting back with Attorney General and North Carolina native Loretta Lynch slapping NC with a lawsuit of its own. Speaking yesterday, Lynch recalled the time in the not-too-distant past 50 years ago when her home state did the same thing now to gays as they did to people of color by ordering whites to use their own bathrooms and the same for "coloreds". Some say that the battle between NC and its Republican governor, Pat McCrory and the US Government could lead to a landmark decision.

As many of us Howard Stern fans know, Richard and Sal used to make a ton of prank calls to radio stations that air Tradio, aka the classifieds of the airwaves. One station they bombed was WTAB in Tabor City, NC and its Swap Shop, hosted by the long-retired Jack Miller. I had a fascination with WTAB since it seemed so Mayberry to me. Not long ago, WTAB had a morning host named Lloyd Gore, who was a man in his late 70s. Sadly, the dude reminded me of what's wrong with North Carolina. The dumbass blamed everything on Obama and even claimed that the Bible spoke out volumes against homosexuality. He even talked about a verse about no two trees merging together to produce the same fruit, which he claimed was a verse against biracial marriages. Yet, one of WTAB's biggest sponsors is a restaurant called "Adam's Seafood and Steak". Oddly enough, eating seafood and having gay sex are both mentioned in Leviticus and are the only times Jesus even talked about those subjects in The Bible. Later on, Jesus himself told his people to simply ignore the Old Testament.

You know, the south needs to know that they've lost their battle decades ago. They tried to fuck over the blacks with slavery and segregation and lost. Now, it's the LGBT crowd's turn. In the end, the government and the folks who elected them in will win. In the end, I think the Supreme Court will decide on this landmark case and the Lloyd Gores of the world will lose. If a woman wants to pee in the men's room, go for it.

At least they have perfect aim.


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