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5.23.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Ken Havard

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Name: Kenneth Havard
Age: 45
Occupation: state representative
Last Seen: Baton Rouge, LA
Bee-otched For: trimming the fat the wrong way
This has got to be a sad time to be a stripper.

Here in Grand Rapids, nude dancing has been banned for almost 10 years now thanks to the city ordinance passed by then-mayor George Heartwell and several city commissioners, including our stupid cunt of a mayor, Rosalynn Bliss. Almost elsewhere in our state, nude dancing is A-OK.

However, down in Louisiana, there was a politician who used the floor of the state house to show how moronic he is.

State Rep. Kenneth Havard (R) told his fellow reps that he was prepping a bill that would help control the state's prostitution problem; the bill claimed that some of it stemmed from strip clubs and living in homes without proper parents. The bill would limit dancers' age limits to those between 21-28 and would ban dancers from weighing over 160 lbs. After receiving plenty of laughs and some groans from his fellow lawmakers, Havard removed the bill, claiming that it was simply a parody of a lot of the bills proposed in the state capital.

But one fellow rep and fellow Republican, Julie Stokes was pissed. She claimed that the tomfoolery against women in the state chamber is getting to be too much for her. OK, so I ask this: THEN WHY ARE YOU A FUCKING REPUBLICAN?!?!

As somebody who used to frequent strip clubs, I know that most of them are properly run and girls of all ages, shapes and sizes work there. There's girls who don't have an ounce of meat on their bones and others who do have cellulite on their ass. Hell, I've even gone to the bathroom simply because the girl on stage was simply too butt-ugly for my taste. I've even received lap dances from women which privates so stinky that I was thisclose to vomiting.... LITERALLY.

But guess what? You can't please everybody. The more money a stripper makes, the more likely they're going to stay employed by their respective club. True, there's some strippers who would like to retire from shaking her tits at 30 or so, but I've met some girls who were strippers way past 30 and they ALL begged me to go back to the VIP Lounge for a dance. At my young age, it wasn't gonna happen. There are those her age who go to the club, so why not beg them instead?

Folks, this is why I don't vote Republican. They're nothing more than a bunch of anti-women turds and the women who are Repukes are nothing more than those who bow to them. Showing full frontal nudity on front of a bunch of horny dudes should be a woman's right, no matter her age or size. The real decision makers are those who come to the club with money.

Maybe the next stripper Ken Havard comes near should kick him in the balls. 

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