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5.19.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Wendy's

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Name: Wendy'
Age: 46
Occupation: fast food joint
Last Seen: Dublin, OH
Bee-otched ForBaconating jobs to the curb
Yesterday, the Obama Administration and the Labor Department brought some good news to Americans, especially those who work white collar jobs.

Four million Americans will now get overtime pay if they work in a salaried position. Under the new rules, employers will now deny overtime pay for those making more than $47,500. The old rules were set at $23,660.

Since Obama became president, Americans are getting paid more money and have better health care. However, some companies are now screwing over their employees, especially if they're at or around minimum wage. One of those companies is none other than our nation's #2 burger chain, Wendy's.

The red-headed square burger giant announced last week that they are going to roll out ordering kiosks at all their 6,500 locations. With California and New York now at $15/hr. for minimum wage and other states trying to follow, those wealthy Wendy's execs think that having a reduced work staff will help their bottom line. Many other fast food joints have online ordering that allows skipping the line, but with the kiosks in place, there could be some hassles, such as being stuck behind somebody who is computer illiterate or elderly.

Here in Grand Rapids in just 2016 alone, TWO Wendy's locations have shuttered: 44th and Stauffer (adjacent to the Citgo/AGO station, which is now being transformed into a (BARF) Subway and Division near 36th. The sign at the latter Wendy's tells customers to check out their new store further down the road at 54th St. Ironically, there's an abandoned Burger King across from that Wendy's that's been closed probably 20 years and a shell of a KFC nearby that's now a seedy used car dealership.

True, the restaurant race is getting tougher here in GR with newer, hipper and fresher concepts such as Qdoba, Five Guys and Potbelly. Plus, the aforementioned places tend to be a lot more healthier than a burger that will look the same if left in the open one year later. True, Wendy's isn't dead, at least yet here in Grand Rapids, but there's plenty of ways that can save the chain. One is that a little remodeling won't hurt. And another: PAY YOUR DAMN EMPLOYEES A LIVABLE WAGE!

One good reason why I won't eat at McDonald's is because I've been given the stinkeye from those working the cash register (mainly *ahem* African American women) and one time, the cashier tried to take $5 from me in change. Many think that minimum wage workers are young and still in high school or never graduated high school. In reality, most of them are around 35 and well-educated. They simply have a hard time getting a decent job and are doing the best they can to make it.

Here's a novel idea: BOYCOTT WENDY'S. Instead, I'll go to Five Guys or another burger place that treats their workers with respect. Hell, I wish that Michigan had In-and-Out since their managers can make six digits at their stores. Maybe it's an awesome idea that Wendy's is losing ground to places that can make a burger better. Maybe those who work there can find better work elsewhere.

Somewhere, Dave Thomas is spinning in his grave.

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