Tuesday, May 24, 2016

5.24.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Trinity Academy

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Name: Trinity Academy
Age: 24
Occupation: Christian school
Last Seen: Wichita, KS
Bee-otched For: pissing off Jesus
Even though the Bible tells us not to judge, some people - especially when the issue is LGBT-related - think that it's OK to bend the rules a little.

Trinity Academy in Wichita, KS - the same state that ironically gave us the good 'ol Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka - is now kicking out students simply if they have family members who are LGBT.

The school sent out a "Statement of Understanding" - seen above - that will give the school a right to kick students out if they live a home life that counteracts with living a so-called "Biblical lifestyle". Part of the edict is the one that allows the school to kick kids out if they have LGBT family members.

On the school's website, they explain that they respect the sanctity of life and an abhorrence towards things such as  idolatry, abortion, sexual impurity among other things, plus the abuse of the body through drugs and alcohol.

Since the news broke out last week regarding the school's decision, both their website and Facebook pages have all ceased to exist for the time being.

You know, it's sad knowing that people for centuries have misused the Bible to attack minorities, women and now, gays. I look at my own family: I have relatives who drink, smoke and have done hard drugs in the past. Does that make me immoral? Does living a "Biblical lifestyle" mean that even if members of my family do things that are immoral to Trinity Academy's eyes that I'm going to hell?

Sorry, but only God can judge me. Fuck them and their school. The only time Jesus ever talked about homosexuality was in the same book, Leviticus where he abhors eating lobster and getting inked. He personally revoked the Old Testament later in the Bible. If I personally went to that school as a teen, I'd be wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt daily until I was expelled.

No wonder why in "The Wizard of Oz", the Kansas scenes were all in red.
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