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5.4.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Kevin Adell

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Name: Kevin Adell
Age: 49
Occupation: seedy broadcaster
Last Seen: Metamora, MI

Bee-otched For: gradually turning his radio station into a bigger piece of shit

Once upon a time, there was a little radio station in Flint called WFDF.

WFDF was Flint's pioneer radio station, founded in 1922 by its namesake, Frank D. Fallain. Over the years, the station carried many formats: MOR, CHR, talk and standards. It was the long-time home of my dear friend, the late, great Dave Barber.

However, the station was sold by then-owner Cumulus to Disney in 2002, who turned it into a Radio Disney format. Four years later, with the blessing of the FCC, the station moved from Flint to the Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills. But then, Disney decided to spin off their Radio Disney stations - which were unprofitable since most eight-year-olds could care less about lo-fi, staticky AM radio - and sold 910 to Kevin Adell two years ago. Adell is the owner of WADL-TV 38 in Detroit, the market's sole independent station. He's also the owner of The Word, a religious channel aimed towards African Americans.

In recent years, 910 - known as "910 AM Superstation" - has become a black-oriented talk station. But now, the station has a new focus: being the "TMZ of radio".

In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Adell is taking his station in a new direction, and guess who he hired to have their own shows? Why! None other than those Congresssluts Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat. Both are now hosting weekly shows on the station, which has scored a whopping 0.0 in the ratings.

Other hosts on the revamped station include Kwame Kilpatrick mistress Christine Beatty and several other Detroit area lawpeople caught up in scandal.

The only good news is that none of the station's new hosts will make a dime off their shows, but if they sell their own ads, they can keep that money.

Of course, this is coming from a man who uses his media empire to reach black people in one eye, but exploits it in another. I think it's sad when a man uses Jesus to suck money out of some of society's most-vulnerable people. But that's Kevin Adell, a man some call a savior when Detroit's first black-owned TV station, WGPR 62 was sold to CBS in 1994 after the wild TV swap that occurred in the market. But judging by the pic of him that I have above this article, it simply screams, "fuck you, I'm rich. Now, give my preachers your money so they can buy time on my station!"

In the end, WFDF will not be a factor in the ratings and it will fall flat on its ass. Good thing he ain't paying his hosts or else 910 won't be much of a Superstation anymore.

Oh, wait! It ain't. 


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