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5.18.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Alex Jones

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Name: Alex Jones
Age: 42
Occupation: wackjob
Last Seen: Austin, TX
Bee-otched Foronce again thinking that the sky is falling
Sometimes, I wonder what keeps this guy in business.

There's a pathetic amount of people who actually listen to Alex Jones, whose radio show is loaded with weird conspiracy theories. Hell, one of his fans was none other than one of the Boston bombers a few years ago.

Now, he's proven that he IS a nutjob.

On his show yesterday, the conspiracy theorist claimed that First Lady Michelle Obama was really a man. He claims that some doctor said that her shoulders are similar to a man's, plus her physique  is that of a man's as well. Really?!?

On his website, he even has a cartoon showing Mrs. Obama, built like a man next to the lady-like Melania Trump. Of course, if Obama is manly to Jones' standards, it's probably because as First Lady, she encourages young people to exercise and is a fitness nut herself.

Of course, this is Alex Jones we're talking about; a man who has more chins than a Chinese phone book yet he uses his radio show to promote these fake vitamins to fight the crap big food companies dump in their product. He also sells tubs of food like Jim Bakker does just in case the zombies come out.
What's also tragic is that celebrities come on his show all the time. One of his most-recent guests was Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan who bashed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Corgan claimed that Sanders would bring socialism into America and would raise taxes so high that people wouldn't want to lead. Apparently, Mr. Corgan never watched a single Michael Moore movie in his life. Plus, there's a difference between socialism and DEMOCRATIC socialism, similar to what FDR brought to us Americans in the 1930s that got us out of the Great Depression.

If that's the mantra of Alex Jones, spreading lies about whatever, that's his problem. Remember, he became famous for claiming that the collapse of the World Trade Towers were an inside job, yet there's enough proof that the force of the planes hitting the towers were enough for them to fall to the ground like a controlled implosion.

Alex Jones: creating one Dale Gribble at a time.
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