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6.1.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Jan Crouch

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Name:Jan Crouch
Age: was 78
Occupation: crook
Last Seen: in the pit of hell
Bee-otched For: using Jesus to build her wealth

The world of television has one less crook to give money to.

Jan Crouch suffered a massive stroke last Wednesday and died yesterday at the age of 78 at a hospital in Orlando, FL. In 1973, she and her late husband Paul founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network, one of the largest Christian-based television networks in the world. Jan was definitely one of the ugliest bitches ever in the history of television, wearing more mascara than a French whore. Then again, Jan was one, through and through.

TBN has long been criticized for the fact that they promote the so-called "prosperity gospel" where their preachers tell their viewers to keep giving them money so they could be rewarded in the end. In the end, their viewers just simply end up more broke while those nasty preachers use the money to build mansions, buy jet planes and other items that Jesus himself never owned.

Over the years, TBN became notorious for building TV stations in poor areas of the country and using that some gospel to build their own wealth. Paul and Jan had two sons: Paul, Jr. and Matthew. A few years ago, the two fired Paul, Jr. and his side of the family because of allegations that Paul, Jr.'s daughter, Brittany Koper and her husband Michael (seen above with the French whore and her husband) stole from TBN. However, the Kopers fought back claiming that TBN itself was a scam with the Crouches living in massive mansions, flying in $60 million jet planes and even owning a house for their dogs.

The icing on the cake was when Brittany claimed that Jan acted negatively towards her younger sister, Carra. Many years ago, Carra was 13 and the whole Crouch family was staying at a hotel in Atlanta for a TBN conference. Carra let in her hotel room a fellow TBN employee in his mid-30s. He brought in a bottle of wine and asked the underage Carra to help him drink it. All the sudden, Carra fell into sleep. Later, she woke up in severe pain with blood all over her bed and the TBN employee spooning her. She then runs into the bathroom, screaming for the man to get out. He did and Carra mustered herself to the point where she told Grandma Jan her story. Her response? "It's your fault." TBN did fire the employee, but never filed to investigate him.

Of course, TBN is a network that doesn't like negative publicity. Even Paul himself was sued by an ex-employee claiming that Paul ordered to have sex with him to keep his job. Instead of going to trial, Crouch paid the man $400,000. However, he was later slated to appear on a PAX-TV show where he took a lie detector test. The episode was pulled without explanation and to this day, nobody knows if he was lying or not.

Nonetheless, it's sad when anybody gives to these cretins. Paul and Jan used a man who was never rich and wore rags all throughout his life to live a life that Jesus himself would have never approved of. Now, both are dead and the world can rejoice. However, the network is now in Matt's hands and he too is a prick like his dad. Hell, Brittany even claimed that Matt even threatened her with a gun. SMH.

All I can say is that Paul and Jan Crouch are dead, which is good. It's sick when people use what little the poor in finance and spirit make and use it to live such an ungodly lifestyle. But it's the end for the two, and it's time to pay.

I loved reading TBN's tribute to Jan, which said that she has reunited with her husband. Too bad that it's probably not Heaven. Maybe Jan will now get what Carra got, a billion times worse. 

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