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6.16.16 Bee-otches of the Day: the Devos family

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Name: the Devos family
Age: various
Occupation: Amway
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: being a bunch of fucked up hypocrites
Orlando is definitely not a happy place right now.

In just this past week, the worst shooting massacre on US soil took place, a young, talented singer from NBC's The Voice was murdered and just yesterday, a three-year old boy was mauled to death by an alligator at Disney World.

But in the face of what some might now call the Tragic Kingdom, there's a lot of hope for the survivors of Sunday morning's shooting massacre.

Many businesses and others have given generously to the OneOrlando fund which is helping those seriously injured in the shooting at The Pulse nightclub. Disney is pledging $1 million and will match their employees' donations dollar-for-dollar.

However, one shocking donation is from the Orlando Magic, that city's NBA team. They are donating $400,000 to the fund. However, the family that owns the Magic has given more than four times that amount to anti-gay groups.

That family is none other than the Devos family, based right here in Grand Rapids. has released an article about how patriarch Richard Devos, who co-founded Amway in 1959 and the rest of his family have all given to groups such as Focus on the Family that have all fought against gay marriage, AIDS health and other issues regarding the LGBT community. The article even points out that when he was fighting to maintain control of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling - who was banned from the league for life because of his racist remarks - pointed out that Devos is a homophobe and should not own an NBA team.

Devos, who is 90 has defended his anti-gay views for years simply because of his religion, even though the only time Jesus ever talked about homosexuality in the Bible, it was in the same section in Leviticus where he considered eating seafood and getting a tattoo a sin. But since he later considered the Old Testament moot and the fact that he personally never talked about homosexuality in the New Testament, it makes blasting the LGBT community itself a sin.

I think the reason for the Devoses giving the Pulse victims money is simply because it's fashionable right now and they want to make good for the city of Orlando and the NBA. Hell, it's probably a tax write-off for him.

True, it's a step in the right direction for the Devoses to help those hurt in this disaster, but $400,000 vs. over $2 million still makes them evil.

Nice try. 

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