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6.28.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Texas

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Name: Texas
Age: 497
Occupation: the Lone Star State
Last Seen: southern US
Bee-otched For: getting owned by the Supreme Court

Sometimes, I feel so happy that I never lived in Texas.

Well, for starters, their politics suck. Hell, guess who used to be that state's governor? A guy by the name of George W. Bush. Remember him? When he was governor, he forced schools to go abstinence-only in regards to sex ed. The end result: the state ended up with one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates and even some schools reported an outbreak of syphilis. Even Bush's successor, Rick Perry claimed that abstinence-only education works but didn't have proof that it did.

Now, the Supreme Court has turned the heat on Texas because a few years ago, the state ordered half of its abortion clinics to close. The state claimed that the shuttered clinics were not sanitary enough for their patients, but with the lack of places for a woman to get an abortion other than with a coat hanger, some even had to go to other states like California to get their abortion.

Yesterday, in a 5-3 decision, the High Court ruled that Texas' abortion ban was indeed unconstitutional. Now, other states with similar laws - namely my home state of Michigan - are now worried that their abortion laws might be unconstitutional, too.

In Michigan's case, a woman under the age of 18 must have parental consent to have an abortion. OK, so what if that person was raped and doesn't want to talk about it with their parents? When a woman is raped, IT'S NEVER HER FAULT. But since this state's local governments are mostly run by the women-hating GOP, this is what we get. If a young lady in Flint is raped and doesn't get parental consent, she must have the baby, but hey! She can expose the little rugrat to the lead-tainted water that our state government created as-is!

Thanks to states that think that they're all above the law, there's a few of them that have stupid laws that pertain to abortion and sadly, it's all unconstitutional. Roe V. Wade was passed 40 + years ago and it's time for the assholes running those states to stop taking them to the past.

What's next? All women must be barefoot and pregnant? 
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