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6.23.16 Bee-otches of the Day: non-voters

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It was a week ago Sunday that our great country faced its worst disaster on US soil since 9/11. Fifty people and 53 more were all shot to death over their decision to hang out at a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, FL.

The shooter was a man who hated America, beat his ex-wife and was on a FBI watchlist. Yet, he was legal enough to purchase the AR-15 that killed 0r seriously injured all those people. For the fifteenth time a week ago Sunday, President Obama came out to express his anger over another mass killing.

Of course, there's probably a few folks who blame the president for the massacre. After all, when a Democrat becomes president, the thought from the right is "THEY'RE GON' TAKE OUR GUNS!" and they raid the corner gun shop in fear. The mother of the Sandy Hook shooter did and we know the tragic result.

So, now what? With President Obama now serving his final several months in office, one could wonder if there's more shootings in the pipeline. Are we going to spend the next seven months living in fear because right now, some fringe loony has his hands on an AR-15 or an AK-47?

Here's a better question: why didn't you vote in 2014?

The 2014 midterm elections had the lowest turnout since WWII. Congress, with their 10% approval rating got easily reelected while the Senate went to the Repukes. Many of these idjits were sponsored by the NRA who paid these candidates a crap ton of $$$ to make sure that anti-gun laws didn't get passed. And well, it's working.

The NRA thinks that the only way that the Orlando shooter would have stopped so quickly is if others in the bar shot the guy. OK, other than the assassin, who would want to go to a bar just to kill others? Do we ALL need to take a gun to the bar in case shit happens and the bouncer can't down the guy?

Look, I'm not against owning a gun for hunting. But do we need to own an assault weapon? NO! I think most people who do, do so only because they're fucking paranoid that the world is going to enter apocalypse mode and we'll have no choice but to kill everything we see.

I understand, there's an election this Fall and we ALL need to vote, even if there's no truly popular candidates. It's time to broom out the NRA from our government and get some true, common sense people in the government where they belong.

Until then, if you didn't vote in the 2014 elections, find a mirror and repeat after me: "I caused the Orlando shooting massacre".

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