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6.13.16 Bee-otch of the Day: George W. Bush

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Name: George W. Bush
Age: 70
Occupation: failed president
Last Seen: Texas
Bee-otched For: playing a HUGE role in Sunday's horrific massacre
This weekend was a sad one for Orlando and the world.

It all started on early Saturday morning when news broke that Christina Grimmie, the young, 22-year-old former contestant on The Voice who played Orlando that day was shot to death by an obsessed fan. Grimmie was popular even before appearing on the singing contest show because of her videos on YouTube that she posted as a teen.

Now, it's happened again, 50 times over.

A lone gunman walked into  a gay bar called The Pulse in Orlando Saturday night and opened fire on its patrons. At least 50 people were killed and over 50 more were injured, making the massacre the worst shooting in US history. The shooter was 29-year-old Omar Mateen, an Islamic man who was an Isis supporter. According to his father, he got angry after he saw two men kissing in Miami. According to sources, he bought his weapons legally. He was also a security guard for a gated community at his home in Fort Pierce, 120 miles from Orlando. Mateen's ex-wife claimed that he was very violent towards her.

Sadly, the more I hear about Isis, the more I realize that the words "Mission Accomplished" do not apply to what happened in Iraq all those years ago. We simply lost that war because of so-called "weapons of mass destruction" not being found and the fact that we turned a once-beautiful country into a pit. This is why we have Isis, folks. We spent TRILLIONS on this fake-ass war and the end result is more terrorism. The asshole who let this happen, George W. Bush ignored and lied to us about 9/11 and did the same with Iraq. It's nice that we captured and assassinated Osama under Obama's watch, but the sad fact of the matter is the question of do we head back over there to fight Isis so more US soldiers die?

The point is, is that it's a shame that Bush and Cheney are still free men. Last week, Cheney was even here in Grand Rapids to help dedicate the newly-renovated Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. Bush, on the other hand is at home pretending to be Bob Ross making paintings.

You know, this is why we cannot afford to have another Republican president, ever. Bush fucked this country and the world so badly that he's a wanted man in other countries. We won't throw him into one of our own prisons because quite simply, we're stuck with a government that doesn't care.

Even worse, we're stuck with a pro-gun House and Senate that won't even shed a crocodile tear when a massacre like this happens. Hell, that's what they did when 30 children were killed at Sandy Hook School. They had the opportunity to prove that they had testicular fortitude when they were handed a gun control bill but they all voted nay on it.

Why is America the most-violent nation on Earth? Is it because there's too many people with a lack of a decent education with an IQ at room temperature who vote Republican because they don't like black folks? So they end up voting for the candidate who ends up cutting their own taxes so their supports wipe their ass by kissing their jobs goodbye? Sorry, but I don't like that logic at all. We need to vote Democrat or anything but Republican so gun laws in America become more strict so people like Mateen can't get them.

But in the meantime, the real criminals remain free.

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