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6.15.16 Bee-otch of the Day: National Rifle Association

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Name: National Rifle Association
Age: 145
Occupation: gun lobbyists
Last Seen: Fairfax, VA
Bee-otched For: being the reason why we still have mass shootings in America
On Sunday, for the fifteenth time since becoming US president, Barack Obama gave out a speech regarding a mass shooting.

Since becoming president, it's been one of Obama's problems: dealing with a House and Senate that's all bought by the NRA and they don't want to pass any type of gun control legislation. Even after the Sandy Hook tragedy that killed 30 children, the NRA's main concern is that if they take away our guns, America will no longer be free.

There's many countries that have had massacres like ours and they've all sponsored gun buyback programs that have made their countries safer. But here in America, OH! We can't because of that little thing called "The Second Amendment" that allows all Americans to own a gun to protect themselves, even though it was created in 1776 when guns took forever to load, preventing any mass casualties. Nowadays, you can own an AR-15 like the one that wiped out 50 innocent clubgoers in Orlando and in the case of Omar Mateen, you can get one even if you're being under the FBI spotlight.

On Sunday, I posted a message on Facebook about the shootings: "50 dead and 53 injured. When will this madness stop?" My mother is one of my Facebook followers and is sadly an NRA sympathizer: "When everyone gets a carry permit. They would have dropped him in no time." Needless to say, that statement ended up turning into a little argument with my cousin who told her that if everybody in the club had a gun, they would be shooting at each other and there would be more casualties. Needless to say, when Mommy gets into war of words with one of my Facebook buddies, she calls me and asks me how I feel about the situation.

Look, I'm not against guns. I think it's OK to own a shotgun, especially if you're a hunter. But when it comes to semiautomatic killing machines that look like guns, then it's another topic. I think Obama needs to work even harder with what he has and stop the madness. But with the NRA paying thousands per senator and congressman, it ain't gonna happen.

This is why you need to vote in the midterms, people.

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