Tuesday, June 21, 2016

6.21.16 Bee-otch of the Day: The Bob and Tom Show

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Name: The Bob and Tom Show
Age: 33
Occupation: bland morning show
Last Seen: Indianapolis
Bee-otched For: trying to get new blood
Let's pretend, shall we that it's 1912 and the Titanic slammed into the iceberg and started to sink. The crew leaves and the passengers that are able to abandon ship as it sinks into the ocean.

So let's say that the crew starts asking people to come back onto the ship. Now, would you do it?

Well, that's exactly what the folks at The Bob and Tom Show are doing. In several radio trade sites, the show is asking people to join the four-hour hokey chucklefest, especially since two key cast members, Bob Kevoian and Kristi Lee retired and left the show respectively. In the case of Lee, the show never even acknowledged her absence.

So the question is, if you wanted to grow your career in radio, would you do it on the good 'ol Bob and Tom Show, a program that uses fake laughtracks and does comedy bits that were funny maybe 25 years ago? Oh, and the fact that the companies that own the show, iHeartMedia (which own their flagship station in Indianapolis, Q95) and Citadel (which syndicates the show) are BOTH in debt billions of dollars? Personally, I'd be keeping my day job.

Why can't Tom Griswold retire already (and I think Chick McGee is up there in age, too) and just simply ride off into the sunset? Let somebody take the radio torch and run with it! True, 150 radio stations will scramble to find new, fresh morning talent, but it's worth it.

But if you choose to sink with the Titanic, bring extremely good scuba gear. Ya gonna need it.

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