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6.27.16 Bee-otch of the Day: non-voters

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Last Seen: England
Bee-otched For: not voting

For years, England seemed to be a more liberal country than America.

Their healthcare system is way better than ours, they actually have no problems with nudity and swearing on TV and, well, they're definite leftists because they drive on the left side of the road.

However, the country it seems is now turning into a place that looks like what America would be if Donald Trump was running the joint. Last week, the country voted to leave the European Union. The vote was a slim one, but the "leaves" outvoted the "ins". Many believe that the reason why people wanted England to leave the EU was over the growing amount of racism the country is facing over the influx of refugees entering the country.

Most of those voted "leave" were mostly older while the "ins" were younger. Sound familiar? We have that same problem here in America where younger people simply don't vote because, well, they don't care. As long as mommy and daddy wipes their ass, the whole world is A-OK.

Yes, young people work and they don't want to stand in a long line to vote. Old people, however, have the time. They think that the biggest problem this world is facing is that Muslims are taking over this world and when they do, it's the equivalent to bowing to the murderers on 9/11 and the guy who shot up the gay nightclub in Orlando. Guess what? The Dow and other international markets took a hit and oil prices are going back up.

I know, independence is nice, but when one secedes, they're on their own. What's next for post-Brexit England? Company-run healthcare? Private pensions? Hell, if your home's burning down, wanna pay the fire department to put the fire out?

Less government isn't always nice.

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