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6.7.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Westboro Baptist Church

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Name: Westboro Baptist Church
Age: 61
Occupation: church wannabe
Last Seen: Topeka, KS
Bee-otched For: not being the greatest
With the passing of Muhammad Ali, many are still stunned and saddened over the legendary boxer's lost battle to Parkinson's Disease.

Outside of the ring, Ali was a man of class and great sportsmanship. It's one good reason why his family all decided to have a public memorial this Friday at the Yum! Center in Louisville, his hometown.

Many of Ali's former opponents and colleagues will be there. Also, some of their enemies will, too.

The Westboro Baptist Church are all planning to protest Friday's service. On their website, WBC claims that Ali is now in Hell because he "rejected Jesus Christ" by adopting a "false religion" and committing adultery thrice. They were nice enough to even say that God punished Ali by giving him Parkinson's.

I know that the First Amendment (unfortunately) protects their sad excuse of Free Speech. But since God knows that we're all sinners, we have the right to avoid these assholes and their lack of real understanding of the Bible.

You see, I am a Christian. I go to a church that accepts all, no matter what. This past Sunday, I introduced myself to a man transcending himself into being a woman. He's a father of a young boy and his wife is pregnant. I accept the fact that this person wants to be a woman and that's his/her choice. I also met a couple where the wife is Asian and the husband is African American. The two have a young son. I remember listening to a Christian radio personality who told his listeners that in the Bible, it reads that "no two trees shall merge and create the same fruit". Some people will claim that those who are mixed race are subject to condemnation in Biblical code. Try to say that to President Obama.

I know, Muhammad Ali was a sinner. So are the Phelps family that control WBC. I even see that they're not going to protest TBN founder Jan Crouch's funeral even though she and husband Paul lived in tremendous wealth, allowed their granddaughter's rapist to run free and the allegations that Paul was in a gay relationship with a male employee.

In the end, we're all sinners who fall short of the glory of God, but in the case of the WBC, they can't even touch Him with a million-foot pole.
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