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8.17.16 Hero of the Day: John McLaughlin

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Name: John McLaughlin
Age: was 89
Occupation: TV commentator
Last Seen: in the Great Beyond
Awarded For: giving us something to laugh at


It was the granddaddy of all political gab shows: The McLaughlin Group.

Every week since New Years Day, 1982, Americans have gotten their weekly fill of political roundtable talk from the popular show aired mostly on PBS stations, but also on a few network stations as well. McLaughlin wasn't famous until later in life; he was a Jesuit priest. However, he ended up being President Nixon's speechwriter and stood by the troubled president during the Watergate crisis. He hosted a radio talk show in the early 80s, which led to The McLaughlin Group's debut in 1982.

Although TMG was mostly conservative, there were a few liberals that were commentators on the show, though they seemed to be outnumbered because of MacLaughlin, regulars such as Pat Buchanan and recently Tom Rogan. The constant bickering on the show between panelists helped to pave the way for future roundtable shows, especially on cable.

In recent weeks, McLaughlin looked more and more frail and the show went into repeats recently. Last week's show had Pat Buchannan moderating, announcing that for the first time in the show's history, John was absent from the show. Dr. McLaughlin died yesterday at the age of 89 with no reason given for his passing.

Now, I didn't totally agree with Dr. McLaughlin's politics, but I'll admit that TMG was good for a chuckle or two when I watched. But if it weren't for John McLaughlin, we wouldn't have Dana Carvey's awesome impersonation of him.

Just imagine:

McLaughlin: "ISSUE ONE! Do girls poop? I ask you Pat Buchannan!"
Pat Buchannan: "John, that's a stupid question, I've changed baby's diap-"
McLaughlin: "ELEANOR!"
Eleanor Clift: "John, every morning, I eat a bran muffin with my coffee. Of cour-"
McLaughlin: "CLARENCE!"
Clarence Page: "John, you know that I love girls booty, but the point is-"
McLaughlin: "ROGON!"
Tom Rogan: "Pfffft.... Really dude-"
McLaughlin: "WRONG! The answer is that most women are too pretty to be pictured sitting on a toilet. Therefore, the answer is no. NEXT ISSUE!"

Well, John McLaughlin is gone. At least he gave us great moment on his show and gave another person for Dana Carvey to impersonate.

Bye bye, Dr. McLaughlin.

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