Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8.9.16 Bee-otch of the Day: NBC

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Name: National Broadcasting Company
Age: 90
Occupation: media empire
Last Seen: New York City
Bee-otched For: their rotten Olympics coverage

Yep, I have to agree with the general public that NBC's idea of covering the Rio Olympics is a pure abomination.

Even though Rio's just one hour east of the Eastern Time Zone, NBC insists on starting their coverage an hour late so they could get prime ratings for each event. Not to mention, they somehow think that it's a jolly good idea to help their affiliates financially by giving them the 7pm hour so viewers can be treated to a six-month old episode of Wheel of Fortune.

Question is, if the Olympics were held in Chicago, how would the Peacock treat the coverage?

Meanwhile, other English speaking Olympics networks are doing great with their coverage, especially the CBC in Canada. Those lucky to live in towns close to our northern (or in Detroit's case, eastern) neighbors are damn lucky to have their coverage instead of NBC's cookie cutter abortion. Oh, did I mention that a lot of the announcers for the events at this year's Olympics AREN'T even in Rio? They're actually in Connecticut at NBC's "Olympic Village".

So far, NBC's Olympics ratings have been terrible. The opening ceremonies were lower than that of London's and last weekend, they were lower than Barcelona's. Maybe it's because since the last time the Olympics were on TV, more people have instant alerts on their smartphones and simply don't care.

I think it's time for NBC to wake up and realize that PEOPLE WANT TO SEE THE DAMN OLYMPICS LIVE AND UNEDITED! I don't mind if they air commercials (gotta pay the bills somehow), but how stupid can they be?

Too bad they didn't take Ryan Seacrest with them to Rio like they did London. Seeing him suffer with the Zika virus would definitely jumpstart the ratings. 

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