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8.25.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Cumulus Media

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Name: Cumulus Media
Age: 19
Occupation: media giant
Last Seen: Atlanta, GA
Bee-otched For: making a poorboy out of Joe Volk


Radio is one sad little bitch.

After 28 years on the air, Joe Volk is off the air at popular active rock station WKQZ/Z93 out of Midland/Bay City/Saginaw, MI. He was the co-host of the long-running Joe and the Poorboy program. On Monday, his current "Poorboy", Adam Shilling announced to listeners that he's doing the show solo because of "circumstances beyond his control".

There's no known reason why Volk was let go since neither Z93 parent Cumulus nor Volk himself has said why.

Volk had been station morning host since 1990 but also did a Saturday night program called "The Captain" that was quite edgy since, well, he talked about pussy all the time. Needless to say, he was an institution in mid-Michigan.

The apparent firing of Volk comes months after sister station WHNN 96.1 dropped its popular classic hits/oldies format for adult contemporary and morning duo of Johnny Burke and Blondie. The two sued Cumulus because of age discrimination since both are in their 50s. However, Cumulus sued them both because they moved their show to the internet.

There's no word on what will happen to Z93's morning slot, though there are rumors that Cumulus wants more stations to have syndicated programming in the morning. Already, Bob and Tom air on sister Wheelz 104.5. So who knows what Cumulus has up their pathetic little sleeve?

It's amazing that The Cloud bought out Citadel simply because of their archaic mistakes. Now, they're making those same mistakes. Look at KLQ here in Grand Rapids: they dumped Stern, had massive turnover with their jocks and even added shitty music that didn't fit their format. Guess what? They're gone for good. Their audience went over to WGRD, Sirius or the internet.

You see, rock fans are either easy or hard to please. In my case, I'm easy to please when I have access to a nice, kickass rock station. Sadly, I was forced to live in the radio hellhole of northern Michigan. The only decent rock station northern Michigan has is Rock 105, but it has its problems: small playlist, always too late adding new music and a shitty morning show host who defamed me on a public message board. Oh, the fact that their signal sucks in Traverse City doesn't help, either. I was near downtown a few weeks ago and their signal was scratchy. Thank God I have an auxiliary jack on my stereo and a Bluetooth connector. Pandora rocks!

In the end, all I can say is that as long as terrestrial radio fucks over their listeners, it explains why Pandora has a better stock price. Just sayin'.
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