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8.29.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Heather Bresch

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Name: Heather Bresch
Age: 47
Occupation: CEO, Mylan Pharmaceuticals
Last Seen: Sewickley Heights, PA
Bee-otched For: stealing from American families


Welcome to America, where getting sick is a luxury.

Here in the good 'ol U.S. of A., if you have a heart attack, it will sink you into bankruptcy. Having a kid is the cost of a fairly-new car. And if you're like me and collapsed at an airport, it'll cost you thousands.

Yes, thankfully we have Obamacare and it's helped somewhat, but it's nowhere as good as having what people in England, Japan, Canada and other civilized nations around the world have and that's free healthcare.

Now, if your kid has an allergic reaction to something, prepare to pay up.

Mylan Pharmaceuticals, the makers of EpiPen, are under fire because the cost of the popular drug has skyrocketed 500% since 2009. And yet, it's CEO, Heather Bresch is making the rounds, telling people that she too is upset that the drug's price has gone up from $100 to over $600. This was after Mylan bought out EpiPen from Merck.

EpiPen is a pen-shaped device that shoots adrenaline to the human body to help fight allergic reactions to certain foods. For many parents whose children are allergic to things such as eggs, nuts and other things, it's a life-saver.

Sadly, like most drugs, EpiPen has an expiration date and with its skyrocketing cost, many are wondering if expired medicine will still help their sick children. But with Heather Bresch's skyrocketing salary, many have everything to worry about. When EpiPen was bought by Mylan in 2009, she was paid $2 million per year. Now, it's over $18 million yearly. She's the daughter of West Virginia US Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat. It's proof that both Democrats and Republicans must be held accountable in a situation like this.

You know, while Heather Bresch gets to sit on her wealthy ass in her nice house, there's a parent out there hardly making ends meet whose kid is in danger of eating something that will make them sick. Sadly, Bresch claims that they're going to hand out coupons to help, but that's not good enough. Yet, people in Canada are only paying $12 for a shot of EpiPen.

For now, there are a few alternatives, like Adrenaclick and there are some alternatives coming out, too. Soon, EpiPen will be a thing of the past since there will be alternatives on the market.

Instead a shot of adrenaline in the thigh, Heather Bresch will be getting a kick in her stinky-ass rich cunt. 
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