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2.10.15 Bee-otch of the Day: TBN

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The Kopers and the Crouches
Name: Trinity Broadcasting Network
Age: 43
Occupation: religious TV network
Last Seen: Costa Mesa, CA
Bee-otched For: covering up more controversy
It's amazing that the country's top religious network is working hard to not turn into another PTL.

Last week, the Trinity Broadcasting Network was served a lawsuit from the Christian channel's founders' granddaughter for being threatened to trying to expose a major financial scandal at the network. Previously, the woman, Brittany Crouch-Koper alleged that the network covered up everything from big expenses such as mansions, a house the founders' dogs and even a $49 million jet plane.

According to the lawsuit, Koper claims that her uncle and TBN vice president Matthew Crouch was "tapping a gun" while asking her what would happen if she exposed TBN and his financial impurities. Crouch was the former head of the for-profit Gener8Xion Entertainment, which produced the panned Omega Code movies alongside 2007's "One Night With the King" which starred Omar Sharif and bombed at the box office. TBN has been criticized for helping to use its non-profit monies to fund Gener8Xion, which Crouch sold off in 2010.

Meanwhile, the website RightWingWatch.org - which is run by the People for the American Way - unleashed this YouTube video in which Matthew and father and TBN founder Paul Crouch talked about the fact that God will kill you if you bash TBN.

Interestingly enough, not long after that episode of Behind the Scenes aired, Paul Crouch himself joined all of his bashers himself by dying of heart failure at 79 around Thanksgiving, 2013.

For the past several years, Koper has been trying to expose the religious empire her granddad and grandmother Jan founded in 1973. Part of it was due to the fact that Koper, alongside her father, Paul Crouch, Jr. were all fired from TBN alongside Koper's husband, Michael. TBN claims that Koper stole from the network while she claims that TBN had been using individual accounts to hide the money - about $100 million - the network was making from its followers.

TBN is no stranger to controversy; in the 1990's, a former employee claimed that Paul, Sr. forced him to have sex with him to keep his job. TBN ended up paying the ex-employee $400,000 to avoid "an embarrasing lawsuit". Brittany Koper also claimed that her younger sister, Carra was raped by another former TBN employee while she and the rest of the Crouch family were staying at a hotel for a conference. Apparently, Carra, then only 13 allowed the employee into her room and the two ended up sharing some wine. However, she was drugged and woke up with blood-stained sheets and the man naked and spooning her. She rushed into the bathroom screaming and yelling for the man to get out. Carra then told her grandmother what happened and Jan then told her that it was her fault for allowing this to happen. The employee was fired, but no charges were ever filed against him.

The more the saga against TBN goes on, the more it makes me cringe. What angers me even more is that my uncle - who lives in a trailer and makes $8/hr. working at Meijer - gives to these assholes. I and other family members have told him about the dangers of giving to these people but he is very ignorant. Just because somebody claims to be a Christian and says that giving them money will make their own life better doesn't mean that it will be reality. If people give to TBN, their problems will only get worse and that's why I feel that if I were the government, I'd step in and look at the practices of TBN and even their hosts like Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen. If people stopped giving to fake preachers and the networks they air on, we could all be a happier place.

Let's feed a homeless man, not make Jan Crouch an even bigger French whore.


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