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2.5.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Schain Mold and Manufacturing

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Name: Schain Mold and Engineering
Age: 29
Occupation: factory
Last Seen: Rochester Hills, MI
Bee-otched For: forcing one of their employees to walk
It's the news story that has this nation wondering why: a 56-year-old man from Detroit named James Robertson who walks 21 miles each day to work.

Years ago, Robertson's 1988 Honda Accord quit on him, and since he has no money to replace it, he had no choice but to walk each day to work. He does take a bus that goes from a few miles from his home in Detroit to a bus stop at the Somerset Collection Mall in Troy and then walks several miles more to his shop in Rochester Hills, Shain Mold and Engineering.

He works his 2-10 p.m. shift and then, it's back on his feet to the Somerset Collection, takes another bus to Detroit and back home. In all, Robertson spends a whopping 22 hours per day walking and working. He might as well live at the factory.

But, his bosses don't complain. He does have a perfect attendance record and has a good work ethic. But, despite the fact that he's worked at Shain for over a decade, James Robertson only makes $10.55 per hour.

Yes. $10.55 per hour. No wonder why he can't afford a car.

Bear in mind that here in Michigan, minimum wage is now $8.15 per hour and James, a decade vet at Shain is only getting paid $2.40 per hour more than a burger flipper. Any company that pays their employees a hair over $10 per hour after a decade of service should totally fuck themselves in the asshole. HARD.

Trust me, folks, I was a member of the "10 years working for one company and hardly getting paid shit" club myself. My ex-boss was an intimidating Hollander asshole who instead of giving people raises would come up with excuses. I, and the other employees of my company busted our asses for this cocksucker and he loved to make us feel miserable for doing so. Instead of raises, he'd give us gift cards if we produced enough units shipped on time in one week. But in his final year of running the company, he eliminated that program and asked us how we could be more productive. End result: he took more vacation time than ever before. One time, he even went to Hawaii and came back to the main 48 in an aircraft carrier. Later that December, he announced his retirement and I was expecting a gift for 10 years working for the company. Instead, he bailed on giving us a bonus, period. Thankfully, not long after he retired, he impaled his foot on a spear while diving in Florida.

Of course, there's a thing about karma that John Lennon sang about over 40 years ago. But, I was the one that ended up shining on.

When my boss retired, I wasn't making $10 per hour. Then, my new boss took over and several months later, I got my first raise in 10 years. In the two years he's fully owned the company, I've gotten three BIG raises.

You see, work should be REWARDING. But when you pay somebody $10.55 per hour after 10 years of service, it's the equivalent to trying to get a glass of juice from one banana. I swear, if my boss was still running my company, I don't know if I would be employed by him. Hell, I might be dead by now.

But back to James Robertson. When news broke out of his daily commute, 19-year-old Evan Leedy decided to create a crowdfunding site devoted to getting Robertson a car. His goal was only $5,000, but it's now raised nearly $300,000. A car dealership in Woodhaven even offered to give Robertson a free car. Personally, if I were Robertson, I'd use the $300K to buy a Bentley and tell the bosses at Schain to go fuck themselves.

If the owners of Schain had a brain, they would know that if you want to make money, ya gotta spend it. My ex-boss refused to give me or anybody a raise, and in the end, our company went from making $8 million per year to around $2 million. Now that he's gone, our company's back in the black, customers are happier and I might just spend at least a few more years at the company.

I'd love to watch my ex-boss walk 21 miles in the snow, bum foot and all.  


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