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2.16.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Victoria Jackson

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Name: Victoria Jackson
Age: 55
Occupation: washed-up actress/comedienne
Last Seen: not New York
Bee-otched For: not being live from New York on Sunday night
It's almost hard to believe that Lorne Michaels' little baby is now 40 years old.

When the show that was originally called NBC's Saturday Night debuted on October 11, 1975, it made staying home on Saturday evenings cool. The hybrid of edgy comedy and popular music made the program stand out and many of its regulars became household names. Even those who only appeared on one season, such as Gilbert Gottfried, Sarah Silverman and Damon Wayans all became huge stars.

Sadly, there were a few notables that for some reason didn't quite become household names and faded into obscurity. There were a few good people and some, well, not so good. It's too bad Victoria Jackson wasn't one of them.

During her six years on Saturday Night Live, Jackson was the ditzy blonde who pretty much played the same person every sketch. Ironically, one of her most-famous was the "Love Toilet", where she sits on a double-potted toilet with Kevin Nealon. Nothing like taking a shit together since after all, Victoria is full of it herself.

Since leaving SNL, Vickie's career has been close to non-existent. So much, she became a born-again Christian and a teabagger who claims that President Obama is the Antichrist. Her comments regarding Muslims, gays and pretty much everybody who isn't white or Christian makes one wonder if she's making any money at all outside of TV appearances.

As matter of fact, she didn't appear on Sunday's SNL 40th Anniversary special for unknown reasons. She claims that she wasn't even fired from the show, but left because she accepted a major contract to do a TV show with a young George Clooney and had married a cop, plus raising a kid.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone ranked all 141 of the show's cast members and guess where Ms. Vicky landed? #138. She soundly defeated Robert Downey, Jr., Jim Breuer and even The Muppets. Yes, as in the bland The Land of Gorch sketches that aired on SNL during the 1975-76 season. What's funny is that lesser-known cast members such as Emily Prager (who was a cast member who never appeared in a single sketch), Yvonne Hudson (the first-ever black female cast member on the show who has long faded into obscurity), George Coe (who was actually one of the first cast members but was let go because he wasn't young or hip enough) and Terry Sweeney are ranked way higher on the list.

The whole point is that Victoria Jackson is full of shit and if she doesn't want to pay homage to the show that made her a quasi-star, that's her problem. I think the world is better without her. True, there's former SNL-ers who are Repukes (namely Adam Sandler and Dennis Miller), but Jackson's outbursts make her probably the worst regular in SNL history.

If Chris Farley was still alive, I would have liked to see him bodyslam Vicky into the ground like the tables he crashed into as Matt Foley. Oh, well. At least there's Aidy Bryant to do that.


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