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2.4.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Rosalynn Bliss

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Name: Rosalynn Bliss
Age: 39
Occupation: city commissioner
Last Seen: Grand Rapids
Bee-otched For: being another faux liberal
If Rosalynn Bliss gets her way, she might be the first mayor in Grand Rapids' 189-year history.

The second ward city commissioner made the announcement last week at the Wealthy Theater in Eastown. She claims that her work with people in the area makes her a viable candidate, plus the fact that she's the type of person who sticks behind and works while everybody else goes home.

She hopes to replace George Heartwell, Grand Rapids' mayor since 2004. Thanks to term limits, Heartwell cannot seek a fourth term. The only other person who has announced his bid for the mayor seat is Jared Funk, who is just 25 years old. Like Bliss, Funk does have Democratic leanings, working with Gov. Jennifer Granholm and President Obama on their campaigns.

However, despite the fact that Bliss has gotten a lot of praise from Democrats such as Winnie Brinks and Brandon Dillon, she did do something that pleased the right nine years ago: shut down Grand Rapids' strip clubs.

According to my good pal Darren Gibson of the WPRR/Public Reality Radio 1680/95.3 show Southpaws, Bliss has a one-track mind when it comes to the place where a man could enjoy what a woman has to offer him. Gibson also manages Parkway Tropics, a topless club prior to the 2006 ordinance that banned nude dancing. Now, PT is a bikini club as is the rest of GR's now-former strip joints. On his Facebook page, Gibson says that PT invited Bliss to the club to see what really goes on inside versus what the local media was saying happens. However, she reneged on the invitation and voted for the ordinance that was fought in several courts in front of several right-winged judges who sided with the city. Now, if anybody wants to see boobies in Grand Rapids, they now have to drive up to Muskegon's Odyssey (which I hear is kinda nasty).

It's well-rumored that the strip club ordinance was funded in part by the Devos family since the old bitch who challenged the city's old ordinance, Judy Rose appeared in a campaign ad for Dick Devos in 2006 when he was running for governor. The Devoses are known for supporting Jebus freak causes, alongside the Prince family, whom they're related to in marriage.

Folks, I used to go to the Deja Vu in Kalamazoo religiously until about five years ago. In the years I've been to the Vu, NOT ONCE have I ever took a dancer home or had sex with her. All these girls ever do is show consenting adults their privates and dance around. Not to mention, most of the girls were very nice to me.

It's sick that Grand Rapids had the gall to force their strip clubs to change to bikini clubs, but yet it has done nothing to change the crime situation. Hell, last week, a cop was shot at during a crisis in Wyoming! Thankfully, he survived and is doing well. Even George Heartwell himself claimed that strip clubs have nothing to do with crime. Go up to Canada sometime. The strip clubs there are full-frontal and serve alcohol. Overall, Canada is a safe country comparing to America!

But that's what happens when you live in a city where the mayoral position is non-partisan. Bliss sounds like a liberal but stands with the fucked-up Jebus freaks who want to boycott anything having to do with sex, but end up spending all Sunday with their drapes closed and drinking to their hearts' content. If I actually lived in the city of Grand Rapids, that fucking cunt would definitely NOT be getting my vote. As somebody who is single and lonely a lot of the time, I'd like some boobies rubbed against my face and actually look at them, thank you very much.

Vote to free the pussy, not for a cunt.


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