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2.26.15 Bee-otch of the Day: ESPN 2

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Name: ESPN 2
Age: 22
Occupation: the other ESPN
Last Seen: Bristol, CT
Bee-otched For: not being with Olbo
Keith Olbermann just can't get along with his employers.

He first left ESPN in 1997 because of problems between him and management. He was fired from Fox in 2001 for spreading a rumor that Rupert Murdoch was going to sell the Los Angeles Dodgers (which he eventually did). He left MSNBC in 2011 over three donations he made to Democratic senatorial candidates and and fired from the Al Gore-owned Current TV a year later, which resulted in Olbermann successfully suing the now-defunct news network.

Now, he's got even more fish to fry with his current network, ESPN 2.

Earlier this week, they suspended Olbermann over remarks he made on Twitter regarding a dance event at Penn State University that raises funds to fight pediatric cancer. He responded to a student's tweet that read "We Are!" with "pitiful". The student linked her tweet to an article about the event which started in the 1970s and has raised over $114 million plus $13 million this year. Keith then responded with "PSU students are pitiful because they’re PSU students - period."

On Tuesday, Olbermann apologized for his tweets, calling them "childish". ESPN management responded that his comments were inappropriate and then suspended him for the rest of the week.

Olbermann has been critical of PSU because of long-time football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky who is now serving 30 to 60 years in prison for child molestation and deceased head coach Joe Paterno who knew for decades that Sandusky sexually assaulted young boys in the locker room showers. Olbo also criticized the NCAA last month for restoring the 111 victories JoePa had taken away from him because of the scandal.

Folks, I think Keith was right all along. These kids are honoring a school who had a coach who did something so fucking sick. He used his charity for troubled youth to molest them and his boss knew all about it. If I went to Penn State, I'd want out, and if I or my kids were to receive a scholarship to PSU, I would reject it. I know, they now have a troubled past and they have to live with it, like the NFL and OJ Simpson and the WWE and Chris Benoit. But when the most-legendary figure you have is somebody who held a sick secret and did nothing about it, then you have a curse that you'll not have an easy time to purge.

Here's an idea: now that NBC is no longer owned by GE and the management has changed, how about if Keith comes back to host the embattled Nightly News? Let's face it: MSNBC has canceled a ton of shows and their news division has turned to shit all because of Brian Williams. Why not? I think they can come to terms so he can leave ESPN and come back to the Peacock Network. True, they might lose some key advertisers (i.e. the Energy From Shale folks), but as long as he can provide the ratings and be allowed to do his cutting edge commentaries, I think it will work! True, Lester Holt does a decent job hosting Nightly News, but can he bring NBC back to ratings glory? Only time will tell.

Maybe if Keith Olbermann's employers give him creative control, things will go the right way.


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