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Should Brian Williams get the Bee-otch of the Day?

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Last weekend, I made a funny on Facebook.

The joke was about the fact that in the past decade, the three original major networks - ABC, NBC and CBS - have been cutting back on soap operas. Some of the reasons include money and of course, ratings. Now, the networks are airing cooking shows (ABC's The Chew), expanded their morning shows (NBC's third and fourth hours of Today) and even good old-fashioned game shows (CBS's Let's Make a Deal). Now, there's only five soaps left on TV: ABC's General Hospital, CBS's The Young and the Restless andThe Bold and the Beautiful and NBC's Days of Our Lives and the NBC Nightly News.

In the past week, America's #1 newscast has been under scrutiny for the fact that Brian Williams, its host since 2004 admitted to viewers that he fabricated a news story about him riding an Apache helicopter over Iraq in 2003. He claimed the week before that he was in the helicopter when it was attacked by Iraqi fire and then it was downed. Williams claimed that several servicemen saved him, but last Wednesday, he admitted that the story was false. He was in the helicopter behind the one that was struck instead and he wasn't attacked at all.

Since then, a firestorm of criticism has hit the now-troubled journalist. According to a poll, 60% of Americans want Williams to be fired or step down as the Nightly News' anchor. On Friday, NBC announced that Williams is now under investigation by the network and on Saturday, Williams announced that he's taking a hiatus from the show for "several days" since he's now a part of the news itself.

Williams has been ridiculed for his remarks, especially on Twitter under the topic "#brianwilliamsdisremembers" with memes of Williams present at Jesus' birth, Moses reading the Ten Commandments, standing on the moon when Neil Armstrong set foot and even putting his signature on the Constitution. Some feel that Williams trying to make himself a hero when he's not is simply trying to stroke his ego.

Or, is it?

According to Jen Gerson Uffalussy of Yahoo! Health, she wrote that Williams' fabrication of the helicopter attack might have been attributed to mental scarring from the incident, which doctors claim that can cause false recollections. Some have noted that Williams changed his story somewhat over the years. One could even wonder if the esteemed newsman could be suffering from PTSD because of guilt from being a reporter over being a first responder during the helicopter incident.

You see, being a reporter takes a lot of balls. When JFK died in 1963, Walter Cronkite didn't shed a tear. He even said in an interview that "newsmen don't cry". Yet, Tom Brokaw couldn't hide his emotions when Tim Russert died and even five years after his passing. Of course, Dan Rather even fought back tears talking about 9/11 on Late Show With David Letterman. There's a huge difference between reporting on the field and sitting at an anchor desk reading off a teleprompter. As a reporter, it's your duty of gathering all the facts, even if it means watching people die and dodging grenades. Just think, Brian Williams could have been downed by that grenade attack, but he wasn't. What happened to him was that he was probably traumatized by the events of that day to the point that yes, it mutilated his thoughts and the realness of what happened caused great pain to him.

But, let's remember this: when President Clinton lied to the country regarding his relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky, his approval rating stayed high while the Republicans wanted him out of office. This nation forgave him since after all, he was one of the best presidents this nation had in the past 30 years. George W. Bush, on the other hand lied about just about everything regarding Iraq, WMD and just about everything else, and he's a free man.

So, will Brian Williams get the dubious honor of Bee-otch of the Day? Not right away. I think he needs to sort out his demons and go from there. I think a good doctor should help him. If he has something like PTSD, then yes, all is forgiven. But, if he told the story to man up his ego, then yes, NBC should fire his ass and give the anchor chair to Lester Holt. It's shameful that of all the news shows NBC has, Nightly News is its bright spot and shit hit the fan.

The NBC Nightly News is just like a soap opera, but instead of being sponsored by a soap company, it's brought to you by the assholes that want more fracking.


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