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2.11.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Toshiba

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Name: Toshiba
Age: 140
Occupation: technology giant
Last Seen: Tokyo
Bee-otched For: piss-poor customer service
One of the tragedies of life is that the very computer I'm typing this on might be out of service in the next few weeks.

For the past three years, I've been typing the Bee-otch of the Day on this neat little Toshiba Satellite C625. It has a lot of neat-o features like HD display, DVD-RW drive, 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive and so on. Personally, I was kinda hoping to keep this laptop for the next few years.

But, not when the parts it was made from are pure shit.

A week ago last Saturday, I noticed that if I went on YouTube, the sound became distorted. I thought it was an issue with the latest upgrade to the sound card I have, but even with a downgrade, there would be constant burps in the sound. I even made a YouTube video of my situation.

After trying this, that and everything else, I decided to call Toshiba's customer service. Man, what a mistake that was. I called the line and on the other end was a tech named "Erly" who sounded like she was Japanese. I had a TON of difficulty talking to her about my problem and at times, I was thisclose to hanging up on her. Then, she told me that she could use an application to go through my system via the internet for $40. Now, my ex-stepdad was a tech and used to do this to my old computer from time to time if I had a problem. I told her that I didn't want to today, so she brought in her supervisor who THANKFULLY spoke good English. However, she went ahead and told me that if I went with somebody more local, I was going to spend up to three times the amount I would spend with Toshiba. So, I went ahead and told Erly my credit card number FIVE TIMES because once again, her English was abhorrent and she even told me that it was declined. But somehow, they got it right the sixth or seventh time.

Anyway, they looked through my computer and noticed the squeaks and popping, etc. So, they decided to tell me that the issue had to do with inside my computer. So, they recommended me to the nearest Toshiba service center in "Call-lah-mah-zoe" as the supervisor called it. She wanted me to call the number, make the appointment and they would call me the next day. So, I called the number and got an answering machine. I gave them a message and the next day, I tried again. Nothing. Even worse, Toshiba didn't call me back and the sound on my laptop was still sounding like pure shit. So, I did what I should have done all along: look for a local guy.

The last guy I dealt with regarding computers apparently has left town, so I found a guy on CraigsList. He wasn't far from me and he told me that he would diagnose my problem without any charge. So, I took the laptop over to him, and within maybe 1 1/2 hours, he told me the bad news: the issue was motherboard-related and if it were to be fixed, it would be like buying a whole new computer. I wasn't happy with the news, but considering that computers these days aren't designed to last over three years as-is, I accepted the fate.

But maybe what's sad is that my poor computer is made by a company from Japan and I think assembled in Mexico. But one of my friends on Facebook told me that Lenovo (the Chinese company that now makes IBM's old computers, like the ThinkPad) is a great computer. I checked on Amazon, and their computers cost around the same as the one I'm typing on right now. So, there you go. Once I get my tax refund back, the process of kissing this junked-up computer - which also disconnects itself from the internet for no reason from time to time also - shall begin. Oh, and Lenovo makes a lot of their 'puters in North Carolina, too.

What might be more ironic regarding my current computer is that I bought it from a RadioShack that just closed. (cue "Taps")


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