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2.18.15 Bee-otch of the Day: the major networks

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Name: the major news networks
Age: various
Occupation: so-called informers of the public
Last Seen: everywhere
Bee-otched For: not telling us the real story
It's been a week and a half since Brian Williams hosted his last newscast on NBC for at least six months, but it seems that almost nothing has changed.

While I think Lester Holt has done a decent job hosting the Nightly News, it's still the typical format of doom and gloom in the beginning and happy-go-lucky shit at the end. On Monday, they talked about the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special (of course they did because it's NBC, duh). Last night, it was a story about a man who plays music for his cows.

With the controversy surrounding Williams and his botched Iraq rescue story, some wonder if it's a good idea to even watch the 6:30 news anymore. Even Bill Maher talked about it a week ago on his HBO show. One thing that Maher pointed out was that last year, NBC News only talked about climate change for a grand total of 25 minutes while the rest of the newscasts are filled with fluff. Last night, they talked about a restaurant in San Francisco that charges an extra $1.25 on Tuesday nights so they can pay their employees benefits. Oh, goody!

Look, while we have Jim Cantore cumming in his pants over thundersnow, NBC - and other networks - don't talk much about climate change. Yeah, we here in Michigan are suffering with lots of snow and sub-zero temps, but where my father lives in Kentucky, they just got a foot of snow. If an inch of snow falls on the ground in that state, people freak out and think that it's the apocalypse. But, things aren't better further out west. Experts think that California will get its worst drought in CENTURIES this year. It might be cold here in Michigan and it's snowing like a mo-fo in Boston, but guess what? GLOBAL WARMING EXISTS!

But, I think there's a good reason for the lack of climate change talk on the evening news: this.

That commercial, plus the ones with some middle-aged woman walking across the screen talking about the greatness of shale and fracking is probably a huge reason why you don't hear much about climate change on the Nightly News. IT'S BECAUSE FRACKING CAUSES NEGATIVE CHANGES IN THE ENVIRONMENT, DUH! Look at Oklahoma. The state has had fracking for years and earthquakes are now quite common. That's right! Earthquakes in a state that never had them.

You know, there's better ways to get energy, like, oh, the sun and windmills, DUH! But as long as the Koch Brothers make their billions from destroying Mother Earth and Republicans running the show, everybody ends up doomed. Plus, we get to see more of the old lady singing the praises of fracking, less stories on the evening news about climate change and more fluff about the blind war veteran who drives a school bus.

Maybe that's why I'm starting to watch PBS NewsHour more. In the past two nights, yes, they talked about the major news stories, but they also avoid the fluff and talk about things that need to be talked about, like the fact that a lot of the gold jewelry out there is mined by enslaved minors overseas and the fact that more poor people are ending up in jail. Plus, there's no ads for fracking. As a matter of fact, one of the sponsors of the NewsHour is the IBEW, an electricians' union! Ooooh, an actual union!

Look, the evening news should be more balanced than the shit spewed on CNN, MSNBC and DEFINITELY Fox News Channel. As Maher said, there's a place for heartwarming stories, and it's Reader's Digest. Maybe it's also why most people who watch the evening news are old fogies and us young'uns are turning more and more to the internet for news. This isn't 1970 anymore. Want the news? Go to the web. Websites are open 24/7 and can be updated when news breaks. We don't have to wait til 6:30 anymore. But since the big three are run by big corporations, we get shit instead of the stories we need to hear.

Maybe we need to contribute to PBS instead of being sheep.


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