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2.12.15 Bee-otch of the Day: NBC

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Name: The National Broadcasting Company
Age: 89
Occupation: broadcast giant
Last Seen: New York, NY
Bee-otched For: making it official with Brian Williams
On Tuesday, the world of news journalism took a huge hit.... Twice.

Within only moments of each other, it was announced that Jon Stewart was leaving The Daily Show and NBC had suspended Brian Williams from the Nightly News for six months without pay. Stewart has been hosting the Comedy Central show since 1999 and helped make it one of cable's most-popular - and most truthful - shows.

With Williams' temporary departure from NBC, Lester Holt is now the Nightly News' temporary host. On last night's broadcast, the "with Brian Williams" portion of the logo was removed and Michael Douglas' announcement for the show was replaced with one from a different announcer who said, "reporting tonight, Lester Holt".

It's not known how long Holt will be "reporting tonight" or every night until he leaves NBC.

Of course by now, we all know why the once-beloved Williams got himself into this mess in the first place, by telling his viewers that a helicopter he was riding on in Iraq was hit by enemy fire even though he was in the helicopter behind the one that was attacked. He apologized to his viewers last Wednesday during the show's third block, but it would be the final nail in his coffin, at least for now.

Since Williams' apology, people have been mixed as to whether or not they want him fired or not. Many people rooted in military matters wanted Williams canned, but some felt that it was one little mistake and he should have been allowed to keep doing the news. One report stated that before the apology, he was the 23rd-most-respected man in America, but then he fell to #135. On Friday, when NBC started to investigate Williams, ABC's World News Tonight beat NBC in the ratings.

Last weekend, Michael Moore wrote about the problems with NBC on Facebook. He said that while Brian Williams is punished, GWB is painting, Condi Rice is predicting the Final Four and Cheney is on the talk show circuit. And Brian's the one getting punished?

As a long-time follower of Mike's, he's definitely right. The fuckers who screwed over this great nation over the past decade are running around free while Brian Williams is the one punished. Did he mean to lie? Who knows! As I reported Monday, many who feel the effects of war or something as traumatizing tend to change the story as they go along. Brian is now the second once-respected journalist who's been affected by Bush's idiocy, just ask Dan Rather, who was forced from CBS following his report on forged documents. Now, he hosts a show on an obscure cable network, AXS TV (a channel co-owned by CBS with Ryan Seacrest, Mark Cuban and a few others) called Dan Rather Reports.

The irony of all this is that while Williams is probably sitting in his home, wondering if his career will ever recover, NBC's news division is one giant abortion. Meet the Presshas been irrelevant since Tim Russert died and Today has sunk to second place behind Good Morning America. Yet, the tragedy is that Dubya's little girl, Jenna Hagar is a correspondent on Today. Yes, she gets to do all those feel-good stories that air around the second hour of the show, despite this:

So, Brian Williams gets suspended over the fact that he could have been blown to smithereens during the war that Jenna's daddy created while Jenna herself stays on Todaydespite the fact that this photo of her drunk has been distributed all over the web for well over a decade. Well played, NBC, well played.

Folks, I grew up with NBC News. I didn't have cable TV until I was a teen, and where I lived in northern Michigan only had four channels. The CBS station (WWTV 9) was a little fuzzy while the UHF ABC station (WGTU 29) flickered in and out. However, the NBC station from Traverse City (WPBN 7) came in clear as a bell and their news department always put lots of focus on the area while 9 talked about a car-deer crash in McBain and 29's news department was non-existent (the fourth channel, BTW was a PBS affiliate, WCML channel 6). Therefore, Tom Brokaw was our go-to man for national news at 6:30.

NBC was damn lucky to have Williams. CBS had the snafu with Rather and suffered through three changes at the anchor desk since 2005 (Bob Schieffer, Katie Couric and now Scott Pelley). Peter Jennings died and they had Bob Woodruff and Elizabeth Vargas together (which ended with Woodruff suffering a brain injury when he was attacked by a roadside bomb in Iraq), Charles Gibson, Diane Sawyer and now David Muir. In 30 years, NBC was lucky to only have Brokaw and Williams as the sole anchors of theNightly News, but that might change.

In the long run, I think Brian Williams and NBC will break apart and Williams will go the Dan Rather route as mentioned. As for Nightly News, Lester Holt will stay put, making him the first-ever full-time anchor of a nightly news program of African-American descent. However, there is that part of me that wants to flip to ABC and watch David Muir. After all, ABC is not owned by a big, evil corporation like Comcast (ABC's owned by Disney) and their lead newsman, George Stephanopoulos is a proud Democrat. At least he's not a turd like Chuck Todd or a drunk slut like Jenna Hagar. The real person who needs to be let go at NBC is news president Deborah Turness, especially for allowing NBC to make too many bad decisions in the first place.

Maybe a change will do me good.


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