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3.17.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Creflo Dollar

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Name: Creflo Dollar
Age: 53
Occupation: preacher
Last Seen: Atlanta, GA
Bee-otched For: crash landing 


Another day, another asshole preacher to award Bee-otch of the Day.

Last week, controversial televangelist Creflo Dollar (and allegedly, that's his real name) made headlines when he started begging his followers to give him "$300 or more" to buy him a new $65 million jet plane. It's because his old plane, a 1984 Gulfstream jet crashed off the runway in London last year with his wife and three daughters on board and he just has to have the best plane available to spread the gospel of a man who wore rags during his 33 years on Earth.

According to his ministry, Dollar flies all over the world, which is why the plane is so important. Hey, asshole, ever hear of FLYING IN COACH?!? I do it at least once per year to see my mother in Arizona. It sucks, but if I can do it, so can you. Since Dollar received a ton of backlash for his plane campaign, he's since semi-retired it

Bear in mind that this is the same Dollar whom I handed the Bee-otch of the Day in 2009 to for having malnourished and dead horses on his ranch in suburban Atlanta. One of the people whose horses stayed at the ranch even contacted me and told me that they could have allowed her horse to go out and graze and eat grass, but they kept it locked up all the time and it died from neglect (and sadly, the article itself no longer exists thanks to that no-talent douchebag asshole Justin Timberlake's fucking up of MySpace, where I kept a lot of my pre-September 2010 Bee-otch of the Day articles). Dollar was even investigated in 2007 as part of Iowa senator Chuck Grassley's investigation as to whether several ministries were profiting off of their donors. Other targets included Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer and Kenneth Copeland.

You see, Creflo Dollar is yet another snake oil salesman who is nothing more than an asshole begging for money on TBN. Even worse, as a black man, he begged a lot of his donors - many of whom are black and poor - to give him $300. IMHO, that makes Dollar nothing more than an Uncle Tom.

Here's an idea: if I ran a ministry and begged for $65 million, I would use it to help people with their medical bills and give the poor a reasonable place to live and food to eat. You know, THINGS JESUS ACTUALLY DID?!?! People need to stop giving assholes like Creflo Dollar money and do things God wants them to do.

Maybe I oughta start going to the strip club again. After all, strippers need the money more than preachers.


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