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3.5.15 Bee-otch of the Day: The Devos Family

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Name: The Devos family
Age: ageless
Occupation: billionaires
Last Seen: west Michigan
Bee-otched For: making the Chicago Cubs even suckier
In life, there's only three things that are certain:

*the Chicago Cubs will never win a World Series in our lifetime.

For many of us, the Cubbies were a part of our lives. Thanks to WGN Chicago becoming a superstation on cable in 1978, the Cubs - along with Ted Turner's Atlanta Braves on his WTBS - became must-see TV for many baseball fans. True, the Cubs aren't known for being winners, at least there was good 'ol Harry Caray leading the crowd at Wrigley Field with his rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at the seventh-inning stretch.

But in recent years, the Cubs have been losing their luster. Long-time owners Tribune, who also own WGN sold the team to the Ricketts family in 2009. Their patriarch, Joe was the founder of TD Ameritrade. He's also a proud supporter of the Tea Party movement and so are some of his kids (well, not Laura, who is a lesbian and is a Democrat). Since the Rickett takeover of the Cubs, the team announced that they would no longer be aired on WGN Radio 720 after 90 years. Also, WGN-TV would no longer be the exclusive TV home of the Cubs, bequeathing that honor to SportsNet Chicago (however, WGN would still be airing 25 games next season).

Another major change is that even 101-year-old Wrigley Field is getting a makeover. Right now, the stadium is adding new stands and new features to increase its revenue. But, in order to do so, they've asked for some investors.

Leave it to the darlings of west Michigan, the Devos family to become some angel investors.

It was announced yesterday that the family behind Amway and the Rick Snyder administration will become six new minority owners of the cursed baseball franchise. It's not known how much Dick and his family are putting into the team or how much of the team they will now own. It's well-known that the Devoses are huge Cub fans and have been following them for years.

The Devoses are no stranger to major league sports; they own the NBA's Orlando Magic and once sponsored the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL. Thankfully, they haven't put their dibs on the NFL yet.

Personally, I love laughing at anybody who sinks their money into the Cubs, and there's no family like the Devoses. After all, leave it up to Michigan's second-richest family, who are this state's version of the Kochs. They'll donate to special interests, but not to enrich the middle class in this great state or even Grand Rapids. Maybe they'll be nice enough to rename Wrigley Field "Amway Field" and maybe along with Judy Rose will go ahead and ban strip clubs in the Windy City.

But at least there's some good news: no matter what, the Tigers will do much better this year.


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