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3.30.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Mike Pence

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Name: Mike Pence
Age: 55
Occupation: governor
Last Seen: Indianapolis
Bee-othed For: being the most-homophobic governor in America
---In 1970, a Canadian named R. Dean Taylor became a household name because of a little ditty he wrote called "Indiana Wants Me".

The tune - which peaked at #5 on the Billboard Pop Charts - has a chorus that goes, "Indiana wants me, Lord I can't go back there". And thanks to a new bill that state's moronic governor has signed, some companies are now singing that same tune.

Last week, governor Mike Pence signed Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which allows companies to basically reject people based on their religious freedoms. What this means is that if a black man or gay person walks into a shop owned by a Christian, the owner or manager could kick him or her out because that person offended their religious beliefs.

Basically, this law is to protect many Christian-owned companies, such as Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby. Many of those companies believe that they don't need to give their employees free birth control or serve those they feel sin the most.

Because of this controversial ruling, several companies are now planning to move out of the state or simply won't expand. Angie's List had planned to expand its Indianapolis offices, but have now abandoned their plans. GenCon, a comic book convention has been canceled because of RFRA's passing. Even Tim Cook, Apple's openly-gay CEO has bashed the Republican governor for passing the bill.

To me, RFRA is simply the equivalent to what America did before the Civil Rights Movement was passed. There's so-called "Christians" who think that hiring blacks is sacrilegious because they should be slaves. Some refuse service to them just because they think all blacks are bad in their mindset. Personally, I try to avoid supporting businesses that call themselves "Christian" because many tend to view Jesus as somebody who doesn't support the poor or supports gun use.

The point is: WE'RE ALL SINNERS. WE'RE NOT PERFECT! If I was kicked out from a business for being me, damn right I would open a can of whoopass and attack them online! Look at what happened toDon Julio's Restaurant here in Grand Rapids: they kicked an Iraq War vet out because he had a service dog. Thanks to public backlash, the place ended up closing, and even today, the building is still vacant.

Republicans think that passing stupid laws that only protect business owners work, but they don't. Instead, they basically tell the middle class "fuck you". In the case of Mike Pence, his law simply says that Jesus loves your employer, but not you, or gays, blacks or those with faiths other than conservative Christianity. Sorry, but that's not the Jesus I grew up with.

Even worse, I have to drive through that boring-ass state to see my father in Kentucky. True, it's given us great things such as the Indianapolis 500, David Letterman, Garfield and Bob and Tom (OK, Bob and Tom isn't necessarily a good thing), it's a shame that the people of the Hoosier State have allowed this prick to pass this hate-filled law. Amazingly, even Indianapolis' Republican mayor is against the law, too.

Thankfully, Pence is up for reelection next year. Hopefully, unlike the abortion of an election year we recently had, Indiana will send this faux Jebus freak down the Wabash. Anybody who tries to turn their part of America into Jackson, MS in the 1950s is truly stuck in the past.

Indiana doesn't want him, but he's stuck there.


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