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3.23.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Paul LePage

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Name: Paul LePage
Age: 66
Occupation: governor
Last Seen: 
Augusta, ME
Bee-otched For: pissing off his state's most-famous son
(Insert movie trailer announcer voice with smooth, creepy music): In the picturesque state of Maine, there's a horrific creature that's lurking and intends to scare the living daylights out of his victims. But instead, he just simply, well, (insert the sound of a needle scratching off the record) pisses them off instead.

And its name is Paul LePage (R-ME).
(Back to normal voice): Yes, the governor of the 23rd state of the USA is one creepy ass dude, and he's a pathetic liar to boot. On his weekly radio address, LePage told Maine's residents that several residents of the state now live in Florida as part of a tax loophole and to escape Maine's high taxes. One of them is none other than legendary author Stephen King.

He claimed that in his weekly radio address that even the former governor who introduced higher income taxes, Ken Curtis now lives in the Sunshine State to avoid paying yearly income taxes and even mentioned King and Roxanne Quimby, the founder of Burt's Bees.

Now, the governor is scrambling to erase the mentioning of King's Florida tax haven from his speech. The reason is because that that the "Salem's Lot" and "The Shining" author is not too happy. In a statement, King said that the governor is "full of what makes grass green" and "(wife) Tabby and I pay every cent of our state income taxes and proud to do so".

It is worth mentioning that LePage is one big, fat hypocrite when it comes to taxes too, and it's because his wife Ann was fined $1,400 for claiming Florida as her primary residence in 2010 to avoid paying them. Yet, she and Paul now govern the state.

Personally, I find the story quite funny. Stephen is a proud liberal who owns several radio stations in his hometown in Bangor, including a progressive talk station, WZON. He's done more good to his fellow Bangorians than the idiot teabagger will ever do to his own people. According to his Wikipedia page, LePage is a racist and even referred to lesbians as "little beards". Tragically, he recently won re-election by only 5%, so the fine people of Maine are stuck with this fat asshole for another few more years.

If this pig dies someday, he should be buried in a (ahem) Pet Semetary. 


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