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3.2.15 Bee-otch of the Day: WCSG

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Name: WCSG
Age: 42
Occupation: Christian music radio station
Last Seen: Grand Rapids
Bee-otched For: their shitty billboards
If there's any show on TV that I purely enjoy, it's Spike TV's Bar Rescue.

Every week, Jon Taffer explores bars that are losing money and converts them to money makers. He's walked into bars that are dirty, littered with mold and rodents and bartenders that are beyond clueless. Usually, these establishments have owners and managers that are even more idiotic than the employees. In the end in most cases, Jon and his team of experts flip the bars from near-failure to money factories with new names, new food, new drinks and a staff with a whole new attitude. On a recent episode, Taffer claimed that 80% of his rescues have been successful.

Here in Grand Rapids, if there's any bar in need of a rescue, it's the shuttered DJ's Lounge on 28th Street by Kalamazoo Ave. In the 13 years I've lived here in Grand Rapids, not once have I stepped into DJ's. The place looked like it was stuck in the 1960s and on Saturday nights, there would not be a whole lot of vehicles in the parking lot. It reminded me of a typical hick bar in northern Michigan where most of the customers seemed to be old grayhairs who had been alcoholics for 40 years. Right now, DJ's is up for sale; you can rent it for $16/square foot per year, or about $40,000.

If I had some money, I'd buy them out and convert the place into something more hip. That side of Grand Rapids doesn't have a locally-owned cool bar like Stella's, HopCat, The Meanwhile or Mulligan's. Instead, the area has national chains like Bar Louie and TGI Friday's where if you ask the barkeep for Short's, they would pout that this isn't an Old Navy. I would make the new DJ's similar to the local joints with great food and great local beer. I would even keep a picture of Jon Taffer on the wall with a big red X in the middle to prove that I don't need him to uphold the high standards of running a good bar.

Right now, if there's a bigger eyesore than DJ's, it's the awful, oversized billboard next to the building that's currently advertising local Christian radio station WCSG.

The billboard looks almost exactly like the image above, except instead of the man and woman above, it shows a young family bundled up for winter. Every time I look at that image, it makes me want to puke, especially knowing that their former morning show host and the Bee-otch of the Year for 2014, John Balyo is serving 40 years in prison for raping two 12-year-old boys.

It's a very shameful image of trying to associate WCSG with family, even though their ex-morning guy did something that wasn't anything close to family-friendly. Even worse, their listeners who donate to the station are the real losers for funding this asshole's sick and twisted lifestyle. Personally, I think real Christians should give to homeless bums on the street, not to radio stations that play "family friendly and commercial free" music 24/7. I think Jesus could care less if there's one less radio station on the planet that plays Amy Grant when there's people out there suffering financially and physically.

True, I know that WCSG management and Cornerstone *probably* didn't know about Balyo's lifestyle until he was busted at the Big Ticket Music Festival in Gaylord, but bear in mind that he was still on the payroll for a day AFTER his arrest. To me, I think WCSG's image will be forever tarnished, especially since there's several other Christian radio stations here in Grand Rapids like JQ99 and WFUR. Yes, most Christians forgive, but it won't take back the severe pain these poor young boys will face for the rest of their lives.

Maybe there should be a TV show called "Radio Station Rescue" where an expert comes in and saves failing radio stations. WCSG would be a great candidate and so would be a certain radio station up in northern Michigan that is a total waste of 100KW and in HD, too.


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