Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3.3.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Westboro Baptist Church

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Name: Westboro Baptist Church
Age: 60
Occupation: the devil's best friend
Last Seen: Topeka, KS
Bee-otched For: living too long and not prosperously
Last Friday, everybody's favorite Vulcan was beamed into the Great Beyond.

Actor, director, writer and singer Leonard Nimoy's 83 years on Earth ended due to complications from COPD. He claimed that he quit smoking 30 years ago, but thought some of the effects from lighting up lingered on with him over the years. Even though he'll always be remembered as Spock on Star Trek, his enormous body of work has proven that he couldn't be typecast.

But like many other celebs who have left us, those morons from Kansas tried to spoil the fun, but couldn't.

It was announced shortly after Nimoy died that Westboro Baptist Church would be protesting his funeral. For those who don't know, WBC is that little church from Topeka mostly run by the Phelps family that's famous for protesting military and celebrity funerals because of America's tolerance towards homosexuality. Since Nimoy's passing, the church has been attacking him plus fans of Star Trek, even posting pictures of Nimoy as Spock holding a sign reading "serve God and live". They even posted a Vine with one of their members holding up a Vulcan gesture saying "live long and prosper" with another member inserting a sign into his hand saying "how about serve God and live?". He then responded with "logical" with the clip ending with a church organ making a note.

Well, the good news was that Nimoy's funeral's organizers did the right thing and made it private so the WBC assholes couldn't find it. True, it made things harder for die-hard Trekkies to want to pay their respects to the fallen star, but let's face it: the Nimoy family have more support than criticism regarding Leonard's passing. The Tweets, the Facebook postings and so forth are enough to show that he'll be missed deeply. Yes, we'll always have the Star Trek TV shows and movies, the campy "Ballad of Bilbo Baggins", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", "Three Men and a Baby", Mission: Impossible, and In Search Of..., but the man himself will deeply be missed.

Let's face it: Westboro isn't doing God a favor by bashing gays. The Bible itself doesn't explicitly talk about gays, either. It's just that Westboro has simply got a gay fetish and they need to piss off. As a Christian myself, I love Jesus with all my heart, but I cannot stand the actions of people who use him to bash others or promote their own monetary gain. WBC fits in with the Pat Robertsons, Benny Hinns, Joel Osteens and pretty much everybody on TBNs of the world. I know it's not right to judge people, but they should all burn in hell.

While Nimoy gave us the Vulcan salute with the phrase "live long and prosper", Westboro should be given the middle finger with the statement "eat shit and die". 


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